The Most Popular Ways to Play Bingo

Whether an enthusiast or novice, Bingo is a game that is fast, fun, and friendly. While the game is competitive, it is also rather social. Unlike card tourney’s, Bingo competitors can be friends, and chatting during play is usually very cheerful and polite.

For the novice playing Bingo might seem a tad problematic. Concerns might arise concerning how to play, what the terminology means and so forth. But, never fear, we are here to help!

Like most games, Bingo has, pardon the pun, its own jargon. We’ll try to shed some light on the subject and ease your concerns.

The first question most ask, should I attend a Bingo Hall or play online casino games?  The answer, of course, is a matter of preference. Either option is acceptable and provides a great deal of entertainment. 

Yet, unless you have a fellow player to attend with, the Hall might seem daunting. Where do I go? What do I do? We may best answer these questions in the calm of one’s abode.

Bingo Basics 

Bingo is a fairly straightforward game. The game involves a card with squares containing a number. 

The caller calls a number; you cover the square. Sounds simple, right? 

The strategy consists of the number of cards you play at once and your ability to keep track of the calls. The environment is often noisy, smoke-filled, and busy. Concentration is a must!

Here is an example of a standard Bingo card:  

Daubers (or markers) are used to cover each square. Depending on the variant played and the number of cards, winning is covering the squares in the direction intended for the win.

Bingo is a relatively inexpensive game to play. An average night of Bingo should cost about £20. 

This usually includes the book of tickets, food and drinks. If you need daubers or extra books, take a little more.

Variants of Bingo 

Online and in-person Bingo have variants of the game. Besides Cover-All, which as the name states, is covering all squares on one card, there are many others. 

Here is a brief list of varieties of the game.

  • 90 ball
  • 80 ball
  • 75 ball
  • 50 ball
  • 40 ball
  • 30 ball
  • Champagne Glass
  • Arrow
  • Letter X
  • Letter I
  • Outside Frame
    • These games use a design on the ticket to win.
  • Inside Frame
  • Postage Stamps
  • Number 7
  • Diamond
  • Kite

Online casinos offer their variants and bonuses for play. Whatever method you choose to play, Bingo will be fun and enjoyable. Good Luck.