The Games

As well as all-day play in the Grassmarket, there’ll be four entirely new performance games from amazing Scottish artists. Each game is designed to be fun for both players and spectators, so if you’re more of a watcher than a player, come along to see what’s going on. If you’d rather get directly involved, drop into any game over the afternoon for a remarkable chance to play – and to win points for your team.

Throw Things At FOUND

Location: The Hub, Castlehill

Usually, you throw things at a band to make them shut up – but here, it’s a little different. Come to the Hub for this game of ingenuity, planning, craft and invisible musicians, created by arts collective and experimental pop band FOUND

Scotch Hoppers

Location: Dancebase, The Grassmarket

Hop, skip and jump through Dancebase. Fire up your co-ordination skills with a series of hopscotch-inspired challenges, designed and directed by Brian Hartley and Stillmotion. Start at the top and play your way through the increasingly tricky levels, or take a short cut to the end and watch the professionals.

Resonate the Labyrinth

Location: St Giles’ Cathedral, Royal Mile

Take on the challenge of the Labyrinth: a twisting sonic journey through St Giles’ Cathedral, with a minotaur at its heart. Can you reach the centre without being spotted? A game of sound, movement and monsters – come along and play, or just listen to the evolving musical score from composer Pippa Murphy.


Location: National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street

A game of blind geometric warfare devised by spotov, inspired by the Razzle-Dazzle camouflage of World War I battleships. Combatants assume the role of either remote radio controller, sightless human agent or double-headed wrecker, and must negotiate the elegant vector field of operations without activating any of the mines…